VHM insert KTM 300SX 2023 – 2024 / Husqvarna TX300 2023 – 2024 / GasGas EX300 2024 (26.00cc) VHM standard

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This insert with 26.00cc volume is the VHM standard for KTM 300SX / Husqvarna TX300 / GasGas EX300 and is developed for the best overall performance. The combustion chamber fits the VHM cylinder head perfectly and is easy to change. The last numbers of the part number are engraved on the insert for indentification.

Use in combination with VHM head AA33210

  • Best overall performance
  • For use see insert chart table
  • Quick to adjust

The insert does not fit into an OEM head, only a VHM cylinder head.

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Gas Gas EX 300 2024
Husqvarna TX 300 2023 - 2024
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