Delta Braking beschrijving


Alle remblokken zijn sintered behalve de M1 compound!

Here an overview of all different compounds:

Most types of brakepads are available in several different compounds, adapted to the use of the brakepad.
ATB pads are available in ATB-N material.
Explanation of the several compounds
Main compound-groups are: N(2), D, CPRO and M.
These main compounds are adapted for use in the different brakepad-categories as on-road, off-road, etc.

N-compound. DELTA braking standard compound.
High friction. No fading. Long lasting. Not aggressive towards the disc. A classical compound in sintered metal friction technology.
The N(2) compound has obtained a TÜV Approval.

D-compound. DELTA braking heavy duty compound.
Where others give up: D goes on! Special in use under extreme circumstances: mud, sand, water. Therefore in use in off-road and quads. High friction, No fading. Extreme long lasting. But more aggressive towards discs!

CPRO-compound. A new development by DELTA braking R&D
A soft compound containing a high percentage of, specially developed, friction carbon. Extreme high friction. Very high temperature resistant. In use for (semi) road-racing, supermotard, and motocross, but … pay attention: CPRO, being a soft compound, doesn’t like the combination of mud, sand, and water!

M–Compound. To complete the DELTA braking production program, we also produce a classical compound of mineral (organic) origin. A complete different technology. No sintering process. Available for older type motorcycles, and for customers, who want more economical brakepads.
Also the M-1 compound has a TÜV Approval.


Er zijn van Delta Braking 2 types remschijven, de Type D & Type G
Per model kan de remschijf iets afwijken naar wat er hieronder afgebeeld word

Type G:

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is image.png

Type D:

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